Garmin Pilot for iPad

Garmin announced Garmin Pilot, a new aviation app for iPad but it also works on the iPhone as well as Android devices.

Garmin Pilot lets their users do pre-flight planning with comprehensive aviation weather information for the U.S. and Canada and also receive and log FAA-approved legally approved weather briefings, access to AOPA Airport Directory and even fuel pricing information.

You can also overlay weather information over your planned route and modify your trip using the graphics interface. Once you’re ready to you can amend and close the flight plan via DTC DUAT or CSC DUAT(S).

Some other features:

  • shows ETE, ETA, crosstrack error
  • displays a graphical HSI directional display
  • available in the Apple App Store and Google Play
  • free for the first 30 days, a monthly fee of $10 or an annual subscription of $100

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