3G + GPS shield for Arduino

This is a new 3G shield for Arduino that gets you WCDMA and HSPA connectivity. Just like most smartphones these days the module also includes an internal GPS receiver which uses A-GPS and S-GPS modes for a fast time to first fix.

As Arduino enthusiasts already know the there are no limits to what you can build and this GPS + 3G shield takes that to a whole new level with super fast connectivity.

One of the features of this Arduino shield is that it can also work thanks to its A-GPS and S-GPS modes which means the location from GPS through NMEA sentences is completed with the cell information provided by both the 3G module and external Internet Geoposition Servers.

Here are some of the other features:

  • WCDMA and HSPA 3G networks
  • Internal GPS for Assisted A-GPS and Supported S-GPS modes
  • Video Camera (640×480)
  • Audio Kit including microphone, speaker, hands free and headphones available
  • SD file system up to 32GB
  • Works as a standard 3G modem
  • Send and receive mails by POP3/SMTP
  • Play compressed audio files

This will cost you €149 here.

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