Seiko Astron - has GPS, knows your timezone

Seiko just announced the Seiko Astron a GPS-enabled wristwatch that supports up to 39 time zones in the world. The watch will be available this year in September.

Now the Seiko Astron does not really keep track of your location and send your location to a web service. It just uses the GPS to figure your time zone. It will come out in the US too for a price of approximately $1900.

When the Seiko Astron looks up your longitude and altitude by listening to the satellites in space it puts you in one of a million imaginary blocks. And since each of these blocks belong to a time zone it can automatically adjust itself.

In addition to GPS capabilities Seiko Astron also uses solar cells to charge its battery so in theory you never have to replace them. Astron uses a special GPS receiver which consumes about 80% less battery with its specially designed antenna.

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  1. Nael Albuloushi Says:

    Wow what a breakthrough technology from Seiko i can now simly define the time as Seiko Astron.

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