Nokia 808 PureView does GPS

As you may have already heard Nokia unveiled the Nokia 808 PureView which comes with a 41MP camera and even does GPS. The 41MP camera does make the handset just a bit bulky and heavy but you can’t expect everything to be pencil thin.

The display on Nokia 808 Pureview is a 4″ AMOLED, and the glass is Corning’s Gorilla. It has a 1.3GHz processor, and a 512MB of RAM. One thing to keep in mind is 808 is not a Windows phone; it’s still Nokia’s home brew Symbian OS. As far storage you’ve 16GB, but the microSD slot can get you up to 48GB.

Some more on that 41MP camera on the PureView: The dimensions of the photo you’ll get will be 7152 by 5368 pixels. It has a Xenon flash and the optics are from Carl Zeiss. It features auto focus, 1.5″ sensor size, digital zoom, HD video shooting mode, face detection, and also geotagging.

Speaking of location do we need to mention that Nokia’s 808 has A-GPS and GPS capabilities.

Nokia 808 PureView comes with a LiIon 1400 mAh battery.

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