TomTom PRO 3100 lowers your insurance premium

TomTom announced in UK that it will work with Motaquote to lower down your insurance premium cost by tracking how you drive with their new TomTom PRO 3100. It’s a new policy called Fair Pay insurance which “reward good drivers with a lower bill but in return you’re giving up your privacy.

When you sign up you’ll get the LIVE services working on your GPS navigation device to warn you about speed cameras and accident hot spots and more. It can even warn you if there’s sudden breaking on your route. Of course the feedback is with the LINK tracking unit. This will inform Motaquote on your driving habits which you can also check yourself or get them in your email.

TomTom is trying to differentiate itself from others by providing services like this. In times when smartphones have a sharp 4.3” screen, constant connectivity and free GPS navigation apps they really have to try hard.

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