China no longer needs your GPS

If you don’t already know this - current GPS system used all over the world for navigation and many other things is a US based system. But China can now use their own version of satellite positioning system called Beidou.

It’s not quite worldwide yet but it is already offering positioning and timing services over China and other surrounding areas. This is done with only 10 satellites. By 2020 they’ll have 35 satellites in orbit which will provide a worldwide coverage.

China’s military is one of the biggest of the world and with Beidou they’re cutting their dependance on U.S. Their navigation system will offer 10 meter accuracy for civilians and an undisclosed level of accuracy for military purposes.

This is better US’ current system but with GPSIII America is planning to catch up with modern times.

Images shown are from Analytical Graphics, Inc. which shows that Beidou satellites provide regular coverage over China and South China Sea, but they currently provide very little to no coverage elsewhere in the world.

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