Garmin’s new GTN 750 Trainer app for iPad 2

This is one of the ways Garmin is still staying relevant when every single smartphone on the market offers practically free GPS navigation. Stand alone automobile navigation is not their only market. They’ve got aviation too. Just recently they announced a new app for the iPad 2 called GTN 750 trainer. Pilots can now train on the ground, and practice basic operations of Garmin’s new all glass GTN aviation systems.

GTN 750 Trainer app allows pilots to pan the map, enter waypoints into the flight plan, load airways, graphically edit flight plans, radio tune and more. It even has hi res terrain maps, worldwide NavData, and simulated traffic targets and simulated XM weather data for a more realistic experience. Some other options include TAWS-B audible alerts, transponder control and remote audio processor control, and other demo settings that lets users to simulate flight scenarios by changing altitude, speed, location, etc.

$25 is small price to pay to get your training while still safely on the ground.

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