All Sports GPS from satsports

There’s a new GPS device for tracking your activities in town and it is from satsports. The two biggest highlights from this device is that it has WiFi connectivity and it is all Android based. This means it will be super easy to share your data with any other device but more importantly you’ll have access to all the GPS based applications at the Android Market so you’ll be free to use whatever app you fancy. It will come preloaded withAll Sports Maps, Satski New Versio, MyRide Feb 2012, and Pocket Caddy.

The hardware is built by Holux which is a pretty good name from Taiwan that’s been in the market for years. Satsports on the other hand is Canadian and they specialize in winter sports. They have a new online community at and with the All Sports GPS you can track your speed, distance, and all sorts of other data and share it with your friends instantly via twitter or facebook.

We don’t have a word on when this will be available or for how much but we’ll definitely keep you posted.

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