fight between LightSquared and GPS industry continues

LightSquared had a press release come out couple of days ago flaming the wars between them and the GPS industry. LightSquared is saying GPS industry knew about the possible problems that may be caused by the use of adjacent frequencies for about a decade.

They say the GPS industry has known about all of the issues since 2005 but they didn’t get their act together to build inexpensive filters into GPS receivers that would keep their devices from reaching into our spectrum. Instead the GPS industry just chose to lobby against LightSquared instead of putting together a plan in the last eight years or so.

We’re not sure how they plan on doing this but LightSquared is saying they’re willing to get rid of the interference problem for 99.5 percent of all devices for an additional $100 million cost to them.

Now LightSquared says:

Who pays for the remaining devices that need a fix? Does the GPS industry believe it bears no fiscal responsibility for a problem that is of its own making? Or will it act responsibly and do as other industries have done when they go to market with a deficient device – offer a recall and fix the problem at its own expense?

You can read the whole release here.

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