kayak thief caught with GPS tracking device

More than a dozen kayaks were stolen over the last few weeks from a small business owner at Hopkinton State Park. The owner decided to setup a trap and bought GPS tracking devices and hid them inside the kayaks. In the end GPS devices led to the arrest of a 33 year old man with two kayaks still on top of his vehicle.

The owner setup the device so that he would get email alerts when the GPS tracking device was moved. He sure got an email Monday night and reported the theft to the police. Police staked out where the vehicle was parked, waited for him to get into his vehicle and arrested him minutes later.

The thief, Alexander, had about 15 more kayaks in his possession and had a sign up offering them for sale… via

One Response to “kayak thief caught with GPS tracking device”

  1. Stef Cheneby Says:

    Do you know which tracking device was used ?
    Thanks a lot

    Stef in Los Osos CAlifornia

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