GPS enabled quadcopter drone put to use, FAA is cautious

MD4-1000 is an aweseome GPS enabled quadcopter that can be used for all sorts of surveillance. The device is proudly built by Germans, by a company called MicroDrones Gmbh, and is better described if we called it an AUMAV (Autonomous Unmanned Micro Aerial Vehicle). It has some amazing specs - such as the ability to carry a payload of up to 5lbs, travel at about 15m/s and climb at 7.5m/s. Obviously it has for electric rotors - each of which generates 250W of power and can last up to 70 minutes.

It has a variety of sensors which include barometer, hygrometer, accelerometers, gyroscopes, a magnetometer, and a thermometer. It constantly sends all of this data to its base in real time. They are actually more advanced than this. They can actually fly themselves, collect lots of data and video footage or just photos using a GPS Waypoint navigation system. Completely autonomous.

News Corp has one of these and even setup its own page to show off the videos captured. Most recently it was sent to cover the floods in Mississippi and Alabama. However not everyone is allowed to fly drones. It is used heavily by the military abroad, and even within U.S. borders by a few police departments. According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) these unmanned aircraft can be used by hobbyists as long as they don’t go over 400 feet. Under no circumstance they can be used for compensation or hire. For a private party to fly a quadcopter such as this it has to receive an airworthiness certificate which requires lots of paperwork.

The News Corp’s MicroDrone MD4-1000 did fly for commercial purposes and apparently FAA is investigating to figure if they need to take any legal action against them.

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