Pioneer AppRadio

The idea behind Pioneer’s AppRadio is a bit different - we believe no one hads done this before. Pioneer has just introduced its new product range for 2011 and it includes the new SPH-DA01. At first sight the SPH-DA01 does not seem special. It incorporates the usual connections and a large screen similar to most 2-DIN in-dash units. The interesting thing however is the app developed by Pioneer which can be found free on the iTunes Store. And basically it brings your iPhone display to the main screen.

With this simple trick, Pioneer allows you to access the iPhone menus and other features such as GPS. At the moment there are not many details on whether the iPhone interface will be completely integrated but the main idea behind AppRadio is pretty solid. The system will work by connecting the iPhone cable - which will activate AppRadio. This is good since it means your batteries will be charged as you go but a wireless option would’ve been good too.

It seems that AppRadio is not the only thing that Pioneer has prepared. The company has already hinted at other applications for the SPH-DA01. Software update for the device will be through the microSD card. Expect it to see out late June this year. That’s all we know so far.

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