CSR provides GPS chip for Samsung Galaxy S II

CSR just announced that their SiRFstarIV GPS receiver chip is providing location capabilities for Samsung’s latest Galaxy S II smartphone. What’s most interesting with CSR’s technology in this architecture is that the designer anticipated that the receiver would be operating very close to other smartphones and various other devices emitting radio frequency. So SiRFstarIV includes CSR’s jammer removal technology that detects, tracks and blocks up to 8 separate sources of interference in the GPS frequency band that could inhibit GPS signals.

Some of the other features of SiRFstarIV GSD4t - which is the model used in Galaxy S II includes -160 dBm tracking sensitivity, 8 mW in 1-Hz TricklePower mode,
cost effective 42 ball, 0.4 mm design that occupies less than 20 square millimeters and more.

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