Cobra 5550 PRO

Cobra just today announced a new GPS navigation system called Cobra 5550 PRO, that is designed for truckers or any other professional driver with its 5″ screen. The new 5550 is very similar to Cobra 7750 Platinum but offers enhanced graphics, junction view with lane assistance, state mileage log, and hours-of-service log, and “last-mile routing” which they claim is best in industry with unmatched road coverage on secondary highways.

Other features that target this market include distances to weigh stations, travel centers, rest areas and mile markers. Cobra 5550 PRO even has State Mileage Log feature to keep track of distance covered within a state for IFTA reporting and an Hours-of-Service timer that makes it easier than ever for drivers to track their On-Duty, Off-Duty, and Driving Time.

In addition drivers with Cobra 5550 PRO will get 3 months of unlimited downloads from Cobra’s exclusive AURA Camera & Driving Hazard Database, which alerts drivers to the locations of fixed speed and red-light cameras, dangerous intersections, and known speed traps.

Wait until April this year to get your hands on one of these. It will cost you $350.

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2 Responses to “Cobra 5550 PRO”

  1. raul pared Says:

    i need this bad

  2. patrick harlan Says:

    The unit 5550′ is not something i would say is anything but a joke. it should be it childrens toys!!

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