Barnes and Noble Nook Color GPS workaround with TetherGPS

Folks at ComptonSoft just released an app called TetherGPS which will get GPS information to your Nook Color. The official use of TetherGPS is sharing of GPS data via Wifi between two android devices which makes it really useful for Nook Color since it lacks a GPS receiver and WiFi is the only way it can connect to the outside world.

Here is how the developer describes it:

Example use - Connect your Nook Color and your HTC Evo to the same network, or tether the Nook Color to the HTC Evo with android-wifi-tether. Run TGPS Server on the HTC Evo and TGPS Client on the Nook color. The Nook Color will receive GPS data from the HTC Evo. Applications on the Nook Color such as Google Maps and Google Navigation will then work using the shared GPS data.

See the video for more details.

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  1. Renee Says:

    I just bought a Nook Color. Can anyone tell me where to find a good screen protector?


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