Honda in Japan offers free iPhone based navigation service

Honda is now offering “Internavi Linc” service to all Honda drivers for free. This gets you traffic and maintenance information, history for fuel cost, and more on your smartphone are any computer. There’s also new iPhone app for the Internavi Linc called “Drive Locator” which can show a route calculated at Honda’s information center on Google Maps. It doesn’t provide turn by turn navigation directions but you can update directions and see your location on the map as many times as you want. Drive Locator is not meant to be a full pledged navigation system and is intended actually for a person on the passenger seat.

Currently it is only available for iPhone but support for Android devices will be available within this year.

If you bought a Honda this month you can get the app starting March 18th. If you already have a Honda you’ll have to wait until June to start using the service. via

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