free stuff: QSTARZ GF-Q900 GPS backtracker giveaway

This week we’re giving away this GPS backtracker from QSTARZ called QSTARZ GF-Q900. They no longer carry this item but you can still get yours hands on the QFinder which we had reviewed a while ago if you leave a comment to this post.

How to enter? Really easy. 1) Follow our RSS feed and then 2) leave a comment below. That is all. Do make sure you enter a valid email so we can contact you back.

We will ship this out to a U.S. address only. Sorry rest of the world. Also duplicate entries, emails, IP addresses will be disqualified.

Also if you’re looking for a new GPS backtracker check out the GPS X GUIDER. It works really well.

One week from now we’ll announce the winner.

We will keep giving away stuff until we get rid of everything mentioned here.

39 Responses to “free stuff: QSTARZ GF-Q900 GPS backtracker giveaway”

  1. jay Says:

    Looks awesome. Already on the rss. :)

  2. Andrew L Says:

    Add my name to this contest. Love being in the outdoors and this will come in handy.

  3. Olly Says:

    Nice give-away! My last tracker had a run-in with some water so a replacement would be terrific…

  4. Holger Says:

    Entry #3. Guess who’s following your feed?

  5. sungam Says:

    Give me

  6. PeteN Says:

    This looks like an interesting device. I’d love to get a chance to play with it.

  7. Nicholas Says:

    Always on the lookout for new GPS gadgets. This looks great! Thanks for offering these contests.

  8. Cory Nelson Says:

    sign me up :)

  9. maerco Says:

    I’m following you through RSS.
    I want to participate to the contest.
    My personal tracker died and i really need of this one.

  10. Ernst van Eck Says:

    Sign me up, please.

    Already following RSS feed for a while.

  11. Arthur M. Says:

    Been on the rss feed forever. I would like to get one of these!

  12. Matt Bell Says:

    First time subsriber. This offer sucked me in and now I have this site added to Fav’s. Thanks for the great info. Fingers are crossed on the giveaway!

  13. tivoboy Says:

    Very nice offer!

  14. TomS Says:

    If I won this I would give it to my wife because she gets lost walking around our campsites (shhh…you didn’t hear that from me).

  15. ChillyCat Says:

    the number 15 looking to be lucky…. gimme it !!

  16. Brad Says:

    I have always wanted one of these.

  17. Alex D. Says:

    looks cool! please enter me.

  18. Joe S Says:

    Planning a Spring hike (and hoping the snow lets up soon). This would be perfect to keep me on track.

  19. Heinrich Says:

    Now I wont get lost anymore…

  20. Spyder Says:

    @RNG - pick me! pick me!

  21. Mark Says:

    I would love to have something like this for when I travel. Merge this up with geotagged photos and it is almost as good as being there!

  22. Bryan Says:

    Good for the kids that get a bit too adventurous :)

  23. Jon Says:

    This could come in handy while hiking!

  24. lost boy Says:

    This would be real handy in those neighborhoods where all the houses look the same.

  25. michael Says:

    seems nice but i’am in China

  26. Lee North Says:

    I could so use one of these…

  27. freddyb Says:

    Okay, I’m in. Thanks for doing cool stuff like this.

  28. Sun Says:

    oh me!

  29. gabe Says:

    Great hiking companion device!

  30. Ben K. Says:

    ooh, pick me!!!

  31. Mark B Says:

    Would be nice!

  32. VanMan Says:

    Can’t wait to win!

  33. Jami W Says:

    I love this! we are in need of a new tracker!

  34. Brett B Says:


  35. Ned Says:

    Hey i want that !!! :pp

  36. Dustin H Says:

    Been watching Navigadget now for something like 5~6 years! Great help in my UX work on in-dash navi design…

  37. Avi M. Says:

    Allready Subscribed to NaviGadget…
    Hope I win…

  38. Tim Says:

    Neat backtracker

  39. DaveP Says:

    I left a comment!