how to share GPS location with others (Android)

Do you ever get that text message that says “where are you?” Sure you do. You’re popular and people need to know where you are. Navigadget is here to help.

There are a bunch of apps out there in the Android Market Place to share your location with others. But do you really need all that stuff just for a simple task? Nope. All you need is Google Maps. Here are the simple steps to share your location with others.

1) Open Google Maps on your Android. Wait for a GPS fix. Tap on the blue dot/arrow that represents your location. You’ll get the bubble you see here.

2) Tap on the bubble that says “My Location”. You’ll get this menu of things you can with do with this location. Fourth one from the top is “Send location to others”. Click on that.

3) Now you see a list of methods you can share this location. Our list includes Messaging, Facebook, TweetCaster, Bluetooth, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail. Your list will be different depending on what you have installed.

4) I simply choose Messaging and my location along with a time stamp, the address (if available) is already pasted in to the message box. Now all you have to do is add the recipient.

That’s all. You have now shared your precise location with your friend(s).

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