Cyclemeter 5.0 GPS powered workout tracking app

If you’re looking for a GPS workout logging app for your iPhone give the latest Cyclemeter 5.0 app a try.

There are many improvements with this version which include a new built-in voice, a new text-to-speech engine, new importing features such as the ability to import a workout as a virtual competitor so you can hear how far you are ahead (behind), dailymile integration (dailymile is a website where users share their workouts) and much more.

It costs $5 and you can get it here.

2 Responses to “Cyclemeter 5.0 GPS powered workout tracking app”

  1. Ron H Says:

    This tracks your real time movement outdoors? Nice! I have used free apps for outdoor running gps, but they don’t work to well, need to check out more reviews but looks good.

  2. green design blog Says:

    I don’t understand, how this gadget sync with my bike?

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