giveaway: Enzym 3D GPS navigation system

We’re giving away this week a GPS navigation system that we’ve had in our garage for a long time now. The device is called Enzym 3D SG-350 and we’re not even sure they have a presence in the U.S. market any longer. We’ve used this many times before and it still works quite well but like we said before but we’re clearing out the garage so it must go. This GPS navigation system has a 3.5″ screen, touch screen display, text-to-speech engine, SD card slot, ability to play MP3 and video files. It even comes with a car kit which includes a car charger and a windshield mount.

How to enter? Really easy. 1) Follow our RSS feed and then 2) leave a comment below. That is all. Do make sure you enter a valid email so we can contact you back.

We will ship this out to a U.S. address only. Sorry rest of the world. Also duplicate entries, emails, IP addresses will be disqualified.

One week from now we’ll announce the winner.

24 Responses to “giveaway: Enzym 3D GPS navigation system”

  1. Mark A Says:

    The road to perfection, can’t wait ; )

  2. tivoboy Says:

    Awesome giveaways as usual!

  3. Jose D Says:

    Nice device to have as a backup.

  4. Gigi Says:

    I want it!!!

  5. PeteN Says:

    I haven’t seen this one before, I’d love to be able to check it out.

  6. ChillyCat Says:

    Heck Yeah….sign me up

  7. Bryan Says:

    Nothing new going on round here - so I’m sure this’ll still work great for me!


  8. VanMan Says:

    I could really use this one! Thanks.

  9. Arthur M. Says:

    My old one just broke. Great timing!

  10. MightyOrbots Says:

    Never heard of it but looks great!

  11. sungam Says:

    I want to get this.

  12. Daniel Says:

    just box it to me. Ill use it.

  13. Holger Says:

    Love them giveaways!

  14. Kinoppyus Says:

    Gotta love free stuff.

  15. MikeB Says:

    A 3D GPS, why doesn’t everyone make these. This would seem to one of the best uses for 3D that I can think of. I hope I win!

  16. TomS Says:


  17. joel Says:

    Great looking device. It would be good to use as a back-up and also good to use to validate my forensic tools that acquire GPS devices and mass storage devices.

  18. whynot Says:

    This could be a collector’s item someday.

  19. Adam Davis Says:

    One can never have too many GPS navigation systems.

  20. Stv Says:

    The device looks decent, but I wonder if the map is up to date.

  21. dana hackett Says:

    Would make a nice addition to my collection…Would like to see if it matches up to my Street pilot c340, Nuvi 760,765,(1690(2).So It’s got some work to do.

  22. frankie Says:

    will angry birds run on it?

  23. Jami W Says:

    I can’t find an address if my life depended on it. i need this!

  24. TerryBootz Says:

    I could make good use of this baby.