Dual bluetooth GPS add on for tablets: XGPS150

Dual Electronics, the same guys behind the GPS car mount for iPod Touch, is getting ready to release an external bluetooth GPS module that aims to bring added GPS functionality for tablets that lack this feature.

The device just made it through FCC and it will be called XGPS150 and it will be battery powered. It will work with pretty much any gadget that has bluetooth connectivity including iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and other non-Apple devices. It will have range of about up to 60 feet, and come with a non-slip pad for vehicle use.

XGPS150 will pretty much be a boring square as seen above measuring 2″x2″x0.75″. In the box you’ll find a car charger which works with a standard mini-USB connection. No word on pricing just yet.

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One Response to “Dual bluetooth GPS add on for tablets: XGPS150”

  1. Pete Says:

    At about $100, this Bluetooth GPS works very well with iPad wi-fi only version. Most apps recognize it. Also works with a laptop. Ability to keep on dash is a plus. Battery good for 1-2 long days. Highly recommended.

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