giveaway: 60beat heart rate monitor for iPhone

Hi again everyone. Yet another giveaway. We continue to giveaway items we mentioned here and this time a lucky reader gets the 60beat Receiver (RX) which also comes with chest strap.

You can read all about it at 60beat site but are some highlights:

  • turns your iPhone into a heart rate monitor
  • works with iPhone 3GS and 4G, iPad and newer
  • works with 60beat, Polar, and other 5Khz chest straps
  • standard 3.5mm audio connector
  • compatible with many apps

How to enter? Really easy. 1) Follow our RSS feed and then 2) leave a comment below. That is all. Do make sure you enter a valid email so we can contact you back.

We will ship this out to a U.S. address only. Sorry rest of the world. Also duplicate entries, emails, IP addresses will be disqualified.

One week from now we’ll announce the winner.

24 Responses to “giveaway: 60beat heart rate monitor for iPhone”

  1. DennyZ Says:

    Looks like a great product,hope I win…

  2. Seth Says:

    So far I have a 50/50 chance of winning (sorry DennyZ!) :)

  3. Ron Says:

    Now I have a 33% chance of winning!

  4. PeteN Says:

    Now that’s an unusual attachment for an iPhone. 25%

  5. foo Says:

    I want one!

  6. TomS Says:

    I could use this to let me know I’m still alive! 17%

  7. maerco Says:

    i want it!

  8. geo Says:

    Nice, might just have to get one even if I don’t win it!

  9. flatliner Says:

    I don’t even have an iPhone and I want this.

  10. Jon Says:

    Looks like an interesting accessory for my iPhone!

  11. tivoboy Says:

    Nice, could help me lose weight!

  12. Spyder Says:

    If I had this I could stop checking the obituaries every morning to make sure I’m not listed!

  13. Ned Says:

    Hey nice gadget, i’m first time in US, hope i win :)

  14. Holger Says:

    We’re at 7% boys and girls.

  15. steve Says:

    looks good, count me in.

  16. dan kim Says:


  17. VanMan Says:

    I’m ready.

  18. Andre Says:

    Want it too! Cool gadget. Oh, and 5.6% chances of winning…

  19. ChillyCat Says:

    And if you see no heartbeat ?

    Use your Iphone to dial 911

  20. Joe Says:

    Great idea, very nice website!!!!

  21. Jami W Says:

    I’d love this!

  22. Adam Davis Says:

    Excellent idea, though I wish this were built in to the iphone.

  23. Pludie Buckley Says:

    I will say a little pray. I need this really bad.

  24. Sara Says:

    my iPhone would love this