60beat iPhone heart rate monitor

And you thought it didn’t exist! Well there’s now an app that logs your heart rate and combine it with GPS data. It is called 60beat. For $30 60beat can turn your iPhone into a GPS and heart rate personal training device.

This is a little device that attaches to the audio jack side of your iPhone and picks up signals from any 5Khz or Polar compatible heart rate monitor chest strap (no worries you can still listen to music with pass through design of audio jack).

Of course this is not very useful without the right applications. The most basic app is the free 60beat heart rate monitor that continuously shows your heart rate, in target zones such as fat burning, aerobic, or anaerobic. You can set your zones based age, max rate, etc.

There are other apps to such as LogYourRun, LogYourRide, which combine your heart rate with GPS information for the ultimate workout stats. These apps are $2 each.

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