TomTom Start 10 review

Back in October we talked about some leaked information revealing the new TomTom Start. PC World from Australia already has a short review about the new GPS navigation system from the company.

First off their review model was TomTom Start 10. Though we’re not sure what other models from the Start series will be out. Start 10 seems to be the entry level device featuring only advanced lane guidance, speed and red light camera warnings in addition to basic guidance. It has a 3.5″ screen and comes with TomTom’s now famous EasyPort mount. However TomTom did not include a wall charger for the unit so you’ll have to charge it in your car or from your computer with the USB cable.

But anyhow the bottom line of the review is that TomTom Start 10 - though lacking many features - still functions nicely and can save you some money. It costs $179 AUD… Here is the full review.

2 Responses to “TomTom Start 10 review”

  1. Asterix Says:

    Cheap and functional. Good choice!

  2. GPS For Car Says:

    The screen is small for my liking.
    At A$179 it is not cheap for an entry level GPS device.

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