Trail Tech Voyager with GPS

What you’re looking at here is probably one of the few GPS devices specially designed for off road bikes. It is called Voyager and it is from Trail Tech. It is a really customized device for dirt bikes. For example it can read engine performance linked to GPS data and compare it against altitude to provide vital stats. It can track both ambient and engine temperature which saved in track data points and graphed for comparison with altitude changes.

It has a sunlight readable screen, a smart mount design that keeps it below the handlebars to protect it in case of crashes, waterproof design, 2.7″ screen, and connects to pretty much any AC/DC power from any kind of vehicle.

In addition utilizing GPS for your location Voyager also relies on other sensors such as ignition sensor, and wheel sensor to figure precisely when to stop/start tracking, etc.

You can upload OHV trails maps from which can be overlayed onto Google Earth and then uploaded to your device which has a memory card slot.

It costs $280 and does not sound like a bad investment.

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