TomTom and HTC go hand in hand for GPS navigation

TomTom and HTC just announced that they are combining forces to deliver a new GPS navigation and location solution on HTC smartphones. It will be called HTC Locations and will have TomTom’s maps preloaded so you won’t have to rely on OTA (over the air) maps to load. We already have seen Sprint Navigator and Bing Maps on board in HTC Arrive.

HTC Locations is already available on the new HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z in Europe and Asia but will be expand to rest of the universe in a short while.

Real news is Maps and location content will be preloaded with HTC Locations but you’ll have to pay for turn-by-turn navigation. Now if you live in the US or have unlimited data you’re probably saying “why bother when Google Maps are free?” but in some parts of the world data charges are expensive and relying on locally stored maps maybe the cheaper option.

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