CoPilot Live GPS navigation for your Android is only $5

ALK Technologies just recently announced CoPilot Live USA at $5 only for Android devices with maps of USA, offering voice guided turn by turn GPS navigation. For only $5 you get to store detailed street-level maps on your Android; meaning you don’t need an internet/data connection to wait for the maps to load. Other cool feature include predictive address matching, again pre-installed POIs, realistic street sign view with lane guidance.

If you happen to be in coverage area you’ll have to free access to real-time information such as local Internet Search and location-specific weather forecasts. However real-time traffic information service is only free for two weeks.

CoPilot Live USA is available for a one-time fee of $4.99 for unlimited use through Android Market and iTunes App Store. 12 months use of the ActiveTraffic real-time traffic service is available as an option for $9.99.


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