best GPS digital camera

UPDATE: See our post about “compare GPS digital cameras“.
Since we can not stop sharing about our whereabouts and what we are doing, we need to connect instantly and stay connected always.

Facebook, twitter, foursquare and so on, let us announce the world all the great stuff we are doing, amazing stuff that we have seen.

Just like our phones got smarter, so did our cameras. Especially with GPS capabilities, cameras are helping us stay connected. Now we have GPS digital cameras. So we can keep sharing.

Some of these GPS cameras not just record where exactly you took that picture, but they also will let you connect instantly. You can also synchronize with Google Maps and get a bird eye view or from the direction in which the photo was taken (Sony HX5V).

The internal clock will be adjusted to the local time of the place where the camera is (Sony HX5V and Panasonic DMC-ZS7).

GPS enabled cameras will let you them as fully functional GPS device (Casio EX-H20G). You can upload your picture to Web, to the selected photo sharing sites ( Picturetown for Nikon Coolpix, Picasa for Samsung).

Some cameras (Ricoh G700) will need optional GPS unit to be attached. They may also have WiFi, Bluetooth capabilties (Samsung CL65, Ricoh G700).

With all the ones we reviewed Nikon Coolpix has the heftiest price tag of $1000 at Panasonic DMC-ZS7 is the most economical one; $249. Samsung is the easiest to carry around, it weighs only 5.5 oz. For most detailed pictures are offered by Panasonic thanks to its 14.5 MP and 12X optical and 4X digital zoom.

Panasonic with its technical capabilities and price is a standout on our review. Apparently we are not the only one who likes it, it is #26 on’s best selling list on electronics.

Here are the links to Amazon where available:

  • Sony DSC-HX5V
  • Panasonic DMC-ZS7
  • Nikon Coolpix P6000
  • Ricoh G700SE
  • Casio EX-H20G
  • Samsung CL65

5 Responses to “best GPS digital camera”

  1. Rich Hintz Says:

    I got the Pansonic DMC-ZS7 and have been pretty displeased with the GPS. It takes forever to lock onto the location. I need to do some testing to get some objective measurements, but it’s a lot slower than, say, an iPhone.

  2. likegps Says:

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  3. Alexander Holsteinson Says:

    I bought the SONY and geotagging wise it is worthless doesnt display the coordinates on the screen nor stamps the photos with them The digital compass doesnt display the bearing/azimuth towards the camera is pointed the software is junk to edit geospatial info and the photos.

  4. Alexander Holsteinson Says:

    I also bought the CASIO and it is much better at geotagging data management.

    It would be great if the GPS chip was a high sensitivity SIRF III with WAAS correction to improve accuracy but none of these cameras have it, so they are way down in signal tracking and accuracy! Beware!

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