Sony XNV-770BT and XNV-660T

Sony just made two in-dash GPS navigation systems official. These are the Sony XNV-770BT and XNV-660T. These are both noteworthy because the navigation engine in both these units come from TomTom which is one of the expert names in the industry - oh, and this is Sony’s first attempt at in-dash GPS navigation + A/V system. So if you’ve been holding out for a Sony system in your car with reliable GPS navigation system this could be for you.

Let’s look in more detail to XNV-770BT and XNV-660T. First common features and specs… Both units have a widescreen display and come pre-loaded with TomTom’s extensive map database of both U.S. and Canada roads, with one free year of map upgrades. You can find all the latest TomTom features in each unit too. IQ Routes, Advanced Lane Guidance, Quick GPSfix, MapShare, etc. They’ve got the rear USB-1 hookup for connecting iPod’s and other media players, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Now the differences: XNV-770BT has a 7″ fully capacitive touch motorized panel display whereas XNV-660T comes with a 6.1-inch capacitive touch with several hard keys. That’s really it. Oh and the price too. The one with smaller screen will cost you $1000, for the motorized 7″ display add another $300.

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  2. Joe Huelsman Says:

    I have a Discovery motor home with the sony xnv-770bt. Is there a upgrade on the GPS for just motorhome use for this unit.

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