Ricoh G700SE

Have you seen the latest Ricoh digital camera? It is called Ricoh G700SE and has two addon modules. One of them is a barcode scanner. And the other one… wait for it…. a GPS module with an electronic compass! Ricoh had previous attempts (here and here) with GPS enabled cameras but neither of those looked as good as the G700SE.

But you may ask, “why do i need GPS in my camera?”. You don’t really unless you want to geotag them, which means embedding location info into the image.

Ricoh G700SE is a 12MP camera with Bluetooth and Wifi. Not only it can carry its own GPS module but it can also get location information from a bluetooth enabled GPS device while transmitting the photos via WiFi to other computers.

Ricoh G700SE will be available in 2011 for about $1050.

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  1. Headshots LA Says:

    The product itself is good , that’s out of the question. Ricoh in not like nikon/canon. Ricoh has special group of fan.

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