track planes in near real time in Google Earth

Google is partnering with Flightwise to bring you a new service that can show you where each and every US flight is in almost real time.

When you hover on any of the planes you see it will give you the airline, flight number, and an up to date path. If you click on it you’ll get the extended information bubble with departure and arrival times, and an option to download its path.

FAA has some regulations and restrictions so all the data is lagging behind about 15 - 20 minutes. Nonetheless you’ll have the correct coordinate and the altitude… via

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  1. Donald Urquhart Says:

    This is a really cool application of Google Earth, though I have to wonder what use we’ll make out of it. It seems that the vast majority of the new technogeek stuff we come up with is one more thing that tries to grab hold of our time and attention. With TiVo, smartphones, DVRs, Twitter, Facebook and so on, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to keep enough of their attention span to work effectively, meaning that most people have to make constant priority choices as to what to pay attention to. I can see how helpful this function would be to anyone who expects someone on a plane, but I imagine there will be a number of people who check these just for fun.

    Donald from Life Expectancy of Down Syndrome

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