Mainnav MG-600 Review

So we had about a week to play with the new Mainnav MG-600. This device is mostly designed for cyclists. It can track speed, distance, time, and odometer. It can log your data, mark a single point, etc. You can save your complete route for viewing on Google Earth or Google Map.

In data logging mode MG-600 saves tracks every second if you’re moving and every one minute if you’re motionless. One thing we’d like to see here is the auto power-off. I left the device in my vehicle for about 6 hours and found it still on. Good news is that it still had plenty of battery when I came back.

An interesting feature is the “you’re losing” reminder. They like to call it the “speed behind” reminder. What this does is that when your current speed lower than average speed , the screen will flash every 3 seconds to alert you to catch up. Another unusual feature is the light-sensor. This turns on the backlight when it is dark out. We like this a lot.

As far as hardware Mainnav MG-600 is pretty decent but it has some things we don’t like. We like the touch buttons - but they’re too easy to press and there’s no way to lock them. You can easily do things accidentally. Screen backlight is very handy when combined with the light sensor but the resolution is very ‘old school’. We’re so used to fancy color screen these days.

It has a small friction pad on the back so it would stay put on your dashboard and a small hole for a lanyard - giving you options in case you’re not a cyclist. It does come with a good set of mounts for your bicycle of course. Other than that Mainnav MG-600 feels solid and well built.

Software - or we should just call it the firmware - on the device itself definitely needs improving. Menus sometimes don’t make sense - you really have to get used to it.

The software that comes in the box on a mini CD looks promising. Installing the other required USB to COM driver took a while but we eventually got it to work in manual mode. Negative points here…

Position fix is really fast when you first turn it on. Definitely less than 30 seconds. Battery life is good too - but we never have the patience to wait and watch them run out. Manual claims it will last 17 hours with the backlight on.

Bottom line is this is decent GPS logger with some good hardware. You’ll have to learn how to use the device menu’s and the included software to get the most out of this.

For more pictures check out our MG-600 unboxing and stay tuned for our giveaway…

4 Responses to “Mainnav MG-600 Review”

  1. Przemo Says:

    The great disadvantage of device MG-600W GPS Sport logger is no function keyboard lock (Mainly lack of keylock of the Touch pad).
    The device is suitable for travel without a bicycle, has an opening at the bar, learn about this manufacturer’s website, even at: boast function “Personal training” - I can say that without a keypad lock that is not possible.
    During a recent trip, I removed all the logs (it irretrievably lost) where I hid the

    device in his pocket.
    Traveling by bike has also repeatedly remove the device and hides in his pocket. When this

    is done at the moment there is no need to shut the device. You can stay at the shop, and

    only because it needs to prevent theft of the device hidden in his pocket for a while.

    This moment may cost us the loss of data from the whole trip.

    I wonder if you can affect the manufacturer’s firmware update to do with the added feature key lock. Lack of this function is very cumbersome.

  2. terry Says:

    I purchased one.

    The device is cute - the software it comes with a terrible.

    Mainnav software doesn’t work properly. Pro-athlete - very buggy….

    Customer support - not great!

  3. Shamhamster Says:

    For $100.00 AUS, great little machine. I have used only once but did all the things I wanted it to do.
    Did crash when I got it slightly wet thoiugh. Doesnt like the rain!

  4. James Smith Says:

    Product is usable BUT - Documentation and MainNAV website is terrible and in some wierd broken english. Software is buggy to the point of being useless. All in all hardly lives up to the hyperbole on the website. I’d stick to Garmin.

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