GPS X-Guider Back Tracker

There’s a new GPS back tracker out there called GPS X-Guider Back Tracker. We’ve seen some back trackers here on Navigadget before but this one seems to be combining a lot of their features into one.

Like we just said GPS X-Guider is not just for finding where you parked your car at a giant American mall. With the included PC software it actually lets you plan your trip online and upload to your device to guide you during your hike. That’s our favorite feature but you can use for it’s most basic function: Pointing you to a place you’ve marked. During which it’ll show you the direction you need to head, distance to destination and your current speed.

GPS X-Guider Back Tracker even lets you record your trips; much like a GPS data logger. Once you’re back from your trip; hiking, cycling, fishing, or whatever it may be; you can upload your trip to your PC and view it on Google Maps.

There’s more though - it can be used as a compass, speedometer, reliable satellite clock, or a workout partner to calculate avg speed, distance, and calories burned. GPS X-Guider Back Tracker goes for $109 - not bad for a little gadget that could save your life.

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  1. Vince Says:

    This is the kind of GPS I needed for my hiking trip. Thanks.

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