Nikon geotagging with PhotoTrackr GPS

We’ve talked about GiSTEQ here before and their “Trackr”s. Well there’s a new one; specially for your Nikon DSLR camera. It is already out and it only costs $180.

The biggest difference from the older GP-1 is that PhotoTrackr does not rely on the hot shoe for power, but uses a rechargeable battery and attaches to the 10-pin connector. So you’re still free to use the hot shoe for a flash. Another advantage is that GiSTEQ’s PhotoTrackr can track 44 satellites at once to get you a position fix. There’s actually a pretty good comparison here.

What you do is connect GPS adapter to the camera and then your Nikon DSLR will receive GPS data from the GPS receiver and embed GPS info into the photo’s EXIF data. This data is transferred wirelessly to the camera via the Bluetooth connection… via

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