myTouch 3G Slide is here

T-Mobile just introduced the next generation myTouch 3G phone called myTouch 3G Slide from HTC. One of its biggest highlights - different from the original myTouch 3G is the fact that Slide carries a slide out qwerty keyboard. Pricing on myTouch 3G Slide is not announced yet but we have a decent list of specs on this now mid-range Android operated smartphone. Slide will have a large 3.4″ screen, come with the latest Android 2.1 OS with Swype preloaded, and carry a GPS receiver. Other decent software enhancements include myModes which can take away say work related apps when it is the weekend. Another is the Genius Button (from Dragon Dictation by Nuance Communications) which allows use of voice commands for things like making calls, composing and sending texts and e-mails, searching the Web or even your surroundings. It can also read text messages aloud, and lets you dictate responses naturally as if you were speaking directly to a person.

Camera is also better on myTouch 3G Slide; 5MP camera with autofocus and flash. It comes out in June and will be offered exclusively by T-Mobile in red, black, or white.

2 Responses to “myTouch 3G Slide is here”

  1. madelaina Says:

    does the LG casmo touch have conversation who knows out there

  2. Mickey Says:

    Sweet retro phone. I wonder if I could use it for a

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