GPS navigation on iPad from CoPilot

Our friends at CoPilot just announced their GPS navigation system on the new Apple iPad 3G. But you know Apple is - you’ll have to wait for the new app to get approved by the App Nazis. What’s cool with the new app is that maps stored on the device, so no need for a data connection. Called CoPilot Live HD, this GPS navigation software takes full advantage of the large screen offered by the iPad and can show split screen; combining 2D with 3D instructions, and auto rotate the as you turn the device.

They hope to make the app available for the release of iPad 3G which is coming up soon and maps for additional regions will be launched as the iPad 3G becomes available worldwide in coming months.

CoPilot Live HD North America like we said has been submitted to the App Store for approval, and it is expected to be available early May for $30. One time fee, no monthly fees.

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