Southwest Airlines start GPS guided landings

GPS technology has been around for a looong time but it wasn’t being utilized in commercial airlines as a guide up until now. Southwest Airlines has recently changed that by starting satellite assisted runway approaches. This has been in the making for a long time now and is part of a bigger project called NextGen that aims to modernize the airline industry.

This simple switch is going to cost the airlines close to $200 millions however it can be recouped by fuel savings GPS technology may provide.

What happens with regular ground based radar navigation aid is that the approach to a landing strip is staircase style where at each step you have to ask for clearance and throttle back the engine which wastes fuel. GPS guided navigation for landings will allow for direct approaches.

The satellite-assisted landings will let pilots descend in a much straighter line, without having to throttle back, saving fuel, cutting noise and reducing environmental impacts.


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  1. Keron Says:

    If American Airline was doing this what happened in Kingston, Jamaica wouldn’t have.. Good Move for Southwest Airlines

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