Mio iPhone/iPod touch car kit is identical to Magellan’s

We just came across this French site that claims they’ll exclusively be offering the Mio iPhone/iPod Touch car kit which looks identical to Magellan’s car kit which we actually reviewed a short while ago. We won’t be surprised if this is actually the case - since MiTAC Mio bought off Magellan couple of years ago and apparently the Euro version of this GPS embedded car kit will be under Mio brand name.

The source says Mio will soon announce its Car Kit for iPhone which integrates its own GPS chip to get a better GPS reception for more accurate navigation then iPhone 3G alone. The Car Kit will obviously compatible with the iPod to the extent that it integrates its own GPS chip and a powerful speaker for voice guidance and may be in portrait or landscape position. The assembly will be possible either on the windshield or directly on the dashboard.

The price normally will be around 100 € to compete with TomTom Car Kit.

However there will be no navigation software for iPhone and iPod Touch provided by Mio Car Kit.

The launch is scheduled for mid May 2010.

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