GPS cradle for iPod Touch: XGPS-300

XGPS-300 - the GPS enabled iPod Touch cradle is finally available, direct from the Apple Store. What’s cool is that with this cradle is that any location aware app that works with iPhone can now work on iPod Touch. It costs a whopping $200 and here are its features:

It has included battery pack that last up to 10 hours, a 3.5mm audio out, volume control, and landscape mode.

Here are some more:

  • Amplified speaker for voice prompts
  • NavAtlas US and Canada navigation app* included with purchase (which is already free iTunes)
  • Built-in GPS receiver with adjustable windshield mount
  • Rechargeable battery to power the GPS or recharge your iPod touch

6 Responses to “GPS cradle for iPod Touch: XGPS-300”

  1. David T Says:

    Dual ? The same company I purchased a turntable from in 1974. Then went on to mfg less than stellar consumer electronics for many years later. In the 80’s & 90’s the name and same logo appeared on all kinds of knock’ed off electronics. Non of them taking a top shelf in any reputable electronics shop.

    Now they want $200, for a product that’s aprox 40% higher then well known ,well respected GPS companies.

    Sorry, but I smell fail.

  2. David T Says:

    OOOOOPS !! only $100.00

    BuzzTwitterDual Electronics iPod touch GPS cradle review
    By Donald Melanson posted Mar 23rd 2010 at 12:40PM Review
    The notion of an iPod touch GPS cradle has two big factors working against it from the start. For one, dedicated navigation units are readily available for as little as $100 (or less) and, in general, get the job done quite well. Secondly, more and more cellphones are becoming more and more capable as navigation devices and, again, are relatively inexpensive (phone contracts aside). On the other hand, a lot of people have iPod touches, and most of them really like their iPod touches. So, in that respect, there is a potentially big market for something like Dual Electronics new iPod touch GPS cradle. Will it actually help carve out a new niche in the crowded navigation market? Read on to find out.

  3. David T Says:

    Sheeeeeeeeesh…… MY BAD !!

    Guess it is … $200.00

    Anyhoooooo…… still a joke price

  4. Eileen Says:

    The price at $200 may sound high, I bought the Dual cradle anyway. When I added up the 1100mAH battery that can also charge the ipod, that’d be some $99 separately. The navigation software, not less than $60. Speakers and mic for Skype or the like, more added value. Meanwhile it’s working very well. Unlike a dedicated GPS solution, I can select from a large and growing library of Nav and location-aware apps to continue to grow the usefulness of the delightful Touch. Lots of photos and more of my impression of the Dual cradle on my blog,

  5. Sam T Says:

    Why this DAVID T talk so many nonsense ah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

    You don’t like this, must you just close your web browser and live on ????!!! Better, right ?? Or Dual have steal your business ??

    Come on !!!!

  6. Robin Kulbrandstad Says:

    7213 Gåsbakken

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