Garmin Connect Team - for hire

Garmin told the developers of their popular software - Garmin Connect - that they were closing down their San Fran office and moving everybody to Kansas. This obviously didn’t go so well. The Garmin Connect connect team now put up this website, telling people they’re not going anywhere, while showcasing their skills.

On the other hand this could related to the fact that the migration from (which was bought by Garmin) to Garmin connect went nothing like planned and all the features that people loved didn’t make it to release software. Now Edge, Forerunner, etc users all have to rely on Garmin Connect.

If you’ve used both motionbased and Garmin Connect please tell us what you think.

One Response to “Garmin Connect Team - for hire”

  1. jay Says:

    When I was PC I used both GC and MotionBased. I can’t remember the reasons at the moment, but I think it was just basic user friendliness that made me stick with MotionBased.

    Now I am on a Mac and I don’t really know what I’ll do.

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