NaviComputer: mapping and GPS tracking for Windows Mobile

Yes, there are still developers working on the good old Windows Mobile platform. NaviComputer is the result of such an effort - an application to view maps and utilize your GPS receiver to interact with the maps to mark points, record tracks, etc.

Navicomputer does not download your maps off the air, it stores them locally. So you won’t need an internet connection or a dataplan. Maps can be easily downloaded from OpenStreetMap to a PC or directly to your mobile device. You can of course use other map sources.

Some of the features - the best of them being the fact that NaviComputer is free - include the ability to work offline, OpenStreetMap support, touch screen friendly user interface, track recording with trip information including elevation, support for GPX format, and multilingual user interface (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch)

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