giveaway: Magellan iPhone car kit

We know you’ve been waiting for this one. We’re giving away (that means free) a Magellan iPhone car kit that we reviewed couple of weeks ago.

This truly is a multi talented car kit. First off it has its own GPS receiver. What does that do you might ask? Faster satellite fix, and the ability to use your iPhone as a GPS navigator when no cell towers are around to help you out. Secondly it has an amplified noise canceling speakerphone. It has bluetooth to pair up with your iPhone and of course charges your iPhone too. Oh it also plays well with your case whether it’s hard shell or silicon.

The best part is Magellan iPhone car kit can be used with any GPS navigation app for the iPhone. You don’t have to buy Magellan’s own app but when we reviewed them as a combo we were quite pleased with it.

Here’s what you need to do: 1) subscribe to our RSS feed and then 2) leave a comment below. That is all. Do make sure you enter a valid email so we can contact you back.

We will ship this out to a U.S. address only. Sorry rest of the world. Also duplicate entries, emails, IP addresses will be disqualified.

We’ll close this article for comments a week from today and after that we’ll announce the winner.

Good luck.

83 Responses to “giveaway: Magellan iPhone car kit”

  1. allory Says:

    Since I can’t get an iPhone where I live I need to have a kit that works with the iPod Touch.

  2. Nicholas Says:

    I would love to replace the dock I have in my car with this one.. and the last Magellan GPS I owned was amazing.

  3. jay Says:

    would love to have one of these to compliment my iphone. And I was already subscribed to your rss. :D

  4. Chris Says:

    I would love to have this car kit with my iPhone.

  5. Jax Says:

    Just subscribe via Safari.

  6. Matt Says:

    looks good

  7. Greg Smith Says:

    I’m subscribed.

  8. Mark Valpreda Says:

    This would be perfect for travel! RSS subscribed. Come on baby! ;)

  9. Jeff Pitsch Says:

    Subscribed to RSS as well. I do a lot of travel so this would definitely come in handy.

  10. Magnus Says:

    thanks in advance.

  11. David T Says:

    Absolutly fantastic !! A working dock for “ALL” apps….not just the Mfg’s. =’s “WINNER”

    Oh yeah….. I’ll take one off yer hands for ya !!

  12. Steven M Says:

    Hey. I would love one of these. Been seriously thinking about it and could not justify the cost. Thanks

  13. kirk Says:

    Sounds like a nice replacement for my old monster carplay!

  14. Olly Says:

    I’m poor and love gadgets so will always remain poor!!, and a free GPS Nav for my iPhone would be just the best :-)

  15. Spydie Says:

    What a perfect companion to my Maggie Roadmate app!

  16. Adrian Says:

    i just sold my standalone GPS and am looking for a replacement. this looks like it :)

  17. Drew Says:

    Sweet! Was thinking of purchasing this, now I get it for free!!!

  18. VanMan Says:

    Thank you!

  19. Kyle Says:

    Looks like a fun toy.

  20. Randy Says:

    I have the Magellan app and would love the car kit. I would absolutely love it from this giveaway!

  21. Tom S Says:

    Someday the iPhone will rule the world!

  22. Space Case Says:

    This device is super cool!

  23. Ryan Says:

    do want!
    already subscribed

  24. Sertac Says:

    Great design, perfect features. This was what I was looking for.

  25. Sun Says:

    willing to take my chances for the random number generator to generate number 25!

  26. chetan Says:

    i’m really glad i don’t have to carry yet another unit while i travel!

  27. Seth Says:

    w00t! free nav stuff…gotta love it.

  28. StingerT125 Says:

    Here’s hoping I win!

  29. Tonester Says:

    Hopefully I’ll win this time-missed out on the car kit giveaway Magellan offered a few weeks ago!

  30. Saurabh Says:

    Thank you for organizing this one. My lady luck is favoring me this time around and I surely hope that I win here…

  31. MagnumJoe Says:

    Sweet, Magellan my choice in mobile navigation.

  32. PeteN Says:

    This looks great — a great addition to the car. Perhaps a lot of competition in the comments section this time.

  33. Digory 83 Says:

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway. I really hope and pray that if it’s God’s will I can win!!! otherwise I don’t need it! because God promises to give his children all they need!

    Thanks again!

  34. Sheepdog Says:

    w00t! This is nicer than my bracketron.

  35. Christopher Says:

    I have been wanting to get one of these. I just can not justify buying an iPhone Nav app when I have a Garmin in my car. I would love to win one though.

  36. CorporateMonkey Says:

    Sweet deal

  37. Warren Says:

    Cool, I wonder how useful it will be?

  38. Tom Arran Says:

    Would like one - cant get the GPS on my iPhone to work :(

  39. Jon Says:

    I wish more companies would come out with car kits….

  40. CylonGlitch Says:

    With all of the traveling I do with the family, and my direction illiterate wife, I need a copilot who can get me out of a jam. This would go a long way to making that happen.

  41. Daniel Says:

    I so need a new dock. I would love this.

  42. nike Says:

    Very very nice promos you guys have here!

  43. Scott Lewis Says:

    very much would like this. besides, after the maestro 4250 i lived with, they kinda owe me a good product. :)

  44. Tim Says:

    This would be very nice to have.

  45. Doug Says:

    Buy or free? I’ll wait to see if free happens.

  46. Adam Davis Says:

    I could really use this. Right now my phone sits in the cupholder connected via audio cable to the radio…

  47. Bob Grace Says:

    Wow!Sounds really cool!!!

  48. Dale Kliethermes Says:

    I would love the Megellan GPS kit. I have an iPod Touch and am a GPS nut. This is just what I need. I do little phoning so did not get the iPhone.

  49. Daren Han Says:

    The packaging of the box looks really nice. I hope the Magellan iPhone car kit suits my needs as well as fits into my car perfectly.

  50. Mark Says:

    I’ve been subscribed to your RSS feed via Google Reader for a LONG time.

    Meanwhile, I’d LOVE to have a more precise GPS receiver for my iPhone!

  51. Muero Says:

    I want this thing.

  52. Steve Toth Says:

    I check Navigadget at least twice a week. it’s agreat source for all that is GPS! Beats all the other sites hands-down!

  53. naka Says:


  54. Maxim Says:

    looks sweet!

  55. Holger Says:

    As a long-time Magellan user, I’m interested in this kit. Thanks for yet another cool give-away!

  56. Brandon Wittwer Says:

    I’d love for my luck to change!

  57. tivoboy Says:

    I’d give it a shot. nice the see the promos keep coming!

  58. Sydney Wood Says:

    New subscriber …. hopefully a lucky one also.


  59. lori Says:

    I’d love to try this, would it work with our ipod touch or just the iphone?

  60. Shocky Hungate Says:

    If it’s not too late, can you hear me yellin’? I’ll treat it great; my hopes are swellin’. Please don’t disappoint…I worked for this Magellan!

  61. Amir Findling Says:

    Lightening strike, no thank you, I’ve got too many antennas on the roof (I’m a ham radio operator), but I’d gratefully accept the navigation system. Thanks for offering it.

    Amir K9CHP

  62. Dave T Says:

    I’d love to win this! Count me in!

  63. tom Says:

    Wonder if my wife would give up her Garmin to use her iPhone..

  64. Ertman Says:

    Would like to use it with my iPhone..

  65. Joe G Says:

    This looks real cool! Count me in!

  66. Lisa Says:

    Sweet! This gives me another reason to buy an iPod touch.

  67. Lee North Says:

    I would love to have that iPhone GPS system.

  68. paul Says:

    cool… me want one…

  69. jeff Says:

    I don’t even have an iphone or ipod touch. I just like winning free stuff.

  70. Joe Says:

    I would love to try this out.

  71. Paul Says:

    This seems like a cool product…I would love one…I am a daily user of GPSs

  72. James Says:

    This looks good…I need one for my ipod touch.

  73. Mishari Says:

    Nice to try it out!!

  74. Andra Says:

    Sounds like a great product. The feature that sounds most appealing is the audio out that will let me use my fm transmitter to pipe the audio to my car speakers, especially since I don’t have a Bluetooth stereo. I also like that you can use this with any app.

  75. paul Says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

  76. Greg Says:

    Love the feed, thanks!

  77. bspz Says:

    Looks very interesting…

  78. RonenB Says:

    Me really wanna have this great product. Looks nice.

  79. frankie Says:

    wow this would be nice. and
    i would be a very gracious winner.

  80. dan Says:

    Great kit…

  81. kinoppyus Says:

    Sounds appealing. Love to have one…

  82. Exrance Says:

    Better than a Lowrance!!

  83. Niles Says:

    Magellan Roadmate 360 stolen out of my car and I loved that gps. I would love to replace it with another fine product from Magellan.