giveaway: Destinator 9 GPS navigation app

There’s no shortage of GPS navigation apps for the iPhone these days. Destinator 9 is one of these, offered by Intrinsyc.

It has live traffic alerts, a feature called NavStrip which lists POI’s along your way, live weather, comes with Navteq maps, uses junction views for realistic 3D intersections, has the ability to send your location to friends, supports iPod controls and lets you navigate to your contacts.

It is available for Android, and WinMo phones too, in addition to iPhone.

Anyways we have ten promo codes for Destinator 9 for the iPhone - and all you have to do is leave comment below to grab one of these. While you’re at it subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss it when we announce the winners.

If you don’t win; do not worry. There’s always the free 30 day trial. After the trial a lifetime subscription is $80 and a regular subscriptions is $60.

We’ll close this article for comments a week from today and after that we’ll announce the winners.

Good luck.

44 Responses to “giveaway: Destinator 9 GPS navigation app”

  1. Scott Lewis Says:

    Destinator was one of my FAVORITE apps back in the Windows CE days (along with Mapopolis). Would love to get a promo code for that. Held on to that app for YEARS.

  2. tivoboy Says:

    oh MAN this would be SWEET, I would love to try it and OWN IT!

    bitte bitte bitte!

  3. Hasnain Kara Says:

    Thanks. I used to use Destinator or Windows Mobile, and had upgrade from first version up to Destinator 7. I also bought the Europe version for my trips to Europe. It really worked great, and I hope I can win one of these promo codes.
    Thanks so much.

  4. Nicholas Says:

    Would love to give this a shot!

  5. VanMan Says:

    Thank you.

  6. adrianszpi Says:

    This is a good initiative :-)
    Destinator navigation software, which was the first long acquainted
    (HP iPAQ 1940) :-)

  7. Jon Says:

    Looks promising!

  8. Tom S Says:


  9. Andy Says:

    Since iPhone’s GPS kind of sucks, I am not sure I really want it. But hey, I can always give it a try.

  10. Dave T Says:

    I’d love to try this out!

  11. Sun Says:

    I’m always looking for a new iphone navigator. would like to try this one as well. probably end up getting the 30 day trial if i dont get it this way.

  12. robert Says:

    Seems like the graphics need some work, but I do like the lane change guides, very nice. Looks like a great beginning to Navs.

  13. lori Says:

    This would be very nice, will it work on older iphones as well?

  14. Brett Says:

    looks good…love to try it out…may have to get the free trial anyway (although I’d prefer to win the full version ;) )

  15. Nathan F.F. Says:

    I would love to have this software

  16. Lee North Says:

    I would so live a copy of this software… awesome. Thanks.

  17. TimRules Says:

    This looks sweet … sign me up!

  18. Holly Says:

    when the fog hides my kayak this could save my neck

  19. Holger Says:

    Would be great to test this out.

  20. paul merc Says:

    Awesome, and I’m just about to do a WEST COAST roadtrip? Does this include access to traffic info?

  21. Olly Says:

    Looks very nice - make me lucky :-)

  22. Destinator Matt Says:

    Thanks for the support. I am from Destinator and just wanted to respond to the questions on the board.

    Yes the 30 day trial is the full version of the app. So, it does include live traffic alerts. The paid version includes one year of traffic alerts.

    Good luck with the contest! And let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them as quickly as I can.

  23. Steve Cary Says:

    I need this. I keep trying to use the cellular maps and out in the country where I live, I lose reception. That is the downfall of cellular dependence of maps.

  24. Jamie Forrest Says:

    Enter me please!

  25. Todd Says:

    I would love to give it a try.

  26. Meckl Says:

    Destinator is a little in the shadow of the “big two”, Navigon and TomTom - I own Navigon for Europe and love it, but I need a navigator for the US soon - So a free Destinator would come in handy ;) C’mon, let me give it a shot! ;)

  27. nike Says:

    Very very nice indeed! I’d love to see how the traffic works. I don’t know any other navigation app that allows one to TRY the traffic integration. NICE!

  28. artcsmota Says:

    Great to see this promo, I used the Destinator 7 on my HTC Universal for years.

  29. DHiggs Says:

    I’ve never had a GPS app that had lanes. Are they pretty accurate?

  30. nickm Says:

    I have copilot, but had a destinator product nearly a DECADE ago. nice to see market competition working.

  31. PeteN Says:

    Great looking Nav app. Would love to have this on my phone.

  32. EricP Says:

    Give it to me babay !!

  33. footneek Says:

    Gave it a try. So far so good.

  34. DanC Says:

    Wow, this is a nice app. Thanks for the tip.

  35. Drew Says:

    Definite possibilities. I’ll take it!

  36. Matt T Says:

    I’ll take one please!

  37. Pertti Myyryläinen Says:

    13.03-2010 Pertti.Minulla on Blaupunkt 5.2 Gps. Navikaattori olen sitä mieltä että se on kaikkein hunoin laite. Ostaessa luvattiin päivitykset netistä. Kyllä niitä nyt saa netistä,kun maksaa.Samalla hinnalla saa uuden ja paremman.SIIS täysi susi koko peli,älkää ostako kukaan.

  38. Adam Davis Says:

    I call dibs!

  39. Steve Says:

    Thanks for the list of all iPhone GPS navigation apps. I needed that…

  40. HC Says:

    Will be comparing it to the AT&T Navigator for features and costs.

  41. vw Says:

    count me in

  42. mvalpreda Says:

    Hopefully I win! One less thing to have attached to my windshield! ;)

  43. CJS Says:

    I’ve been testing this app for a couple weeks. Destinator 9 is excellent, especially for 3G owners. I own Navigon, CoPilot Live, and MotionX Drive. Destinator is the best in terms of navigating inside the app without infuriating lag. Bug thumbs up. I’d love a free license.

  44. Joe G Says:

    I would love to get a copy of this. I’m a new iPhone user looking to replace my Garmin. I’ve heard good things about this so I hope I’m not too late to enter!