Alpine INA-W900

Alpine INA-W900 is an all-in-one GPS navigation and entertainment system that takes up 2DIN space and has mototrized 7” screen. It works with iPhone and iPod and lets you control all search options of your iPod directly, via playlist, artist, etc and the connection is via USA for playback as opposed to lame FM transmitters which don’t give out good sound.

As far as navigation it can do picture in picture, where the maps come from Navteq which can be rendered as 3D, 2D full map, split map, and turn-by-turn arrow view. It carries 6 million points of interests, coverage of US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands, SD card map update, text-to-speech, and more.

Other features? We’ve got a lot since this is entertainment system that has an MSRP of $1100. FM, AM, bluetooth connectivity, 50Wx4 power out, optical drive, HD radio, and a remote control.

See more details here and find a retailer perhaps.

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  1. dean Says:

    i want to buy alpine ina w900 from the usa to go to australia can i get maps to suit australia

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