Verizon launches VZ Navigator 5.0; still wants to charge for it

VZ Navigator seems to be well and kicking but for how long? Verizon does have a huge customer base but soon they’re all going to look around and realize everyone else is getting this service free. But hey, at least they have some extra features that you don’t get with Google Maps or Nokia’s Ovi Maps which are both free.

VZ Navigator 5.0’s biggest catchy feature seems to be the Facebook integration which lets you update your status via the application and optionally share your location with them - making it yet easier for your stalkers to track you down. There are some other enhanced features with this version too such as crowd sourcing of traffic information, voice recognition for search and destination, and quicker navigation start due to streaming of data.

Here is the bad part: VZ Navigator costs $10/month, or $3/day. If you’re one of those customers who pay $10/month tell us your reasons please. Maybe your company is paying for it, maybe it is the only navigation app available on your phone.. Whatever it is, we want to know.

One Response to “Verizon launches VZ Navigator 5.0; still wants to charge for it”

  1. Cyberpunk Says:

    I would never give greedy Verizon a single penny for this! They are abusing and profiting from a government provided GPS service payed by our tax dollars. They are using a legal loophole to charge for something that is supposed to be free for us here in the U.S.! It costs them absolutely zero for someone to use the built in GPS on their phone but Verizon gets paid millions for their customers to use it! How the U.S. Government allows this is an outrage! There should be class action lawsuits regarding this abuse. Verizon is the most greedy bastages on the planet! Worst than Apple or Microsoft ever were!

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