Nokia Ovi Maps navigation now free; better than Google’s

Nokia just announced that they’re making their famous Ovi Maps and its door-to-door GPS navigation software completely free. It will come pre-installed on compatible Nokia phones with the local maps; depending on you live. Of course you’ll be able to download maps of new places if you need to.

Why is it better than Google Maps Navigation? First, because it is available all around the world, where as Google’s navigation solution is currently only in the U.S. Second, the maps will come installed on the phone with no need for data connection. Google needs data connection to get you maps, points of interests, etc.

As you may already Nokia owns one of the biggest digital map maker, Navteq; and with this ‘completely free’ they plan on making their higher end handsets more attractive to those who maybe on the market for a standalone GPS navigation system.

Starting in March of this year all Nokia smartphones will come with embedded GPS, Nokia Ovi Maps with maps of the country where you bough it, and of course free GPS navigation to go with it.

Here are the compatible Nokia devices today: Nokia E52, Nokia E55, Nokia E72, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6730 classic, Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5230, and Nokia X6. (N900 will join this list at some point, we just don’t know when yet)

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4 Responses to “Nokia Ovi Maps navigation now free; better than Google’s”

  1. Navigatie: Nokia Ovi Maps vanaf nu gratis | Says:

    […] E72 en 5230. De smartphones N97 gaat de gratis binnenkort navigatie wel krijgen. Bronnen: Tweakers, NaviGadget, ZDNet en Mapperz. Schermafdrukken van Ovi […]

  2. freddyb Says:

    In my experience, the quality of Google Maps data is very poor when used for navigation. They are missing many turn restrictions (ex. no left turn) and one-way designations for streets. It’ll take them a while to clean up their map data product to the point where it can compete with a map from NT or TA. Also, being an off-board solution, I have had issues with pulling map data in suburban and rural areas, especially when deviating from the calculated route.

    Nokia is doing a very smart thing here by leveraging their ownership of NT and providing maps and an app for free. This will surely be a better product when comparing the quality of calculated routes with respect to the accuracy of the map data.

    That said, it probably wouldn’t be a factor in my purchase decision when looking at a mobile phone.

    And, the Google Maps/Navigation phone app is probably a better application overall, giving the user nearly the same experience as their web interface (which I personally love.)

  3. ress Says:

    I agree with FreddyB mostly. Google needs to find a solution for their over-the-air maps. Maybe they needs to cache the local maps, POIs, or something else.

    Not everyone in the world has data service.

    If I was in the market for a phone right now I’d strongly consider a Nokia just because I’d also be getting a free GPS navigation system.

  4. Harukaliza Says:

    I’m with ress. I’m not partial to the Google Maps interface, as good as it is.
    Nokia is making a smart move by giving away a PND for free with the simple purchase of a phone. Of course, they’re logging your location data for traffic info, much like TomTom and their TrafficHD/IQ Routes. However, I’ve given up on hiding private data. Face it - someone somewhere you don’t know knows you very very well.

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