Motonav TN700

We just talked about Motonav TN500. Also announced at CES 2010 was Motorola Motonav TN700. This device is pretty much identical to Motonav TN500 but features a much bigger 5.1″ cinematic display.

Like the TN500, TN700 also uses the bluetooth to get access to some data from your phone and offers a service called MotoExtras which is only free for the first three months. The local search feature is from Bing, and others include gas prices, weather, flight status, safety camera alerts, and more.

Some other features include 3D landmarks, lane assistance, text-to-speech, voice destination entry and local search, and multiview display.

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  1. Bob Says:

    The local search is from Google.

    ‘Voice prompted search’ is from Bing. That seems to be a built in search for poi as opposed to Google.

    CNET is reporting that it does not use your data plan but rather uses minutes through Airbiquity similar to what Ford is doing with Sync. So you don’t need a data plan.

    A very interesting design really.

    No word on whose maps or traffic data is used.

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  4. freddyb Says:

    When I heard the Bing Voice Search prompt, I immediately recognized it as the same voice in Ford’s Sync system…I asked about it at CES and was able to deduce that it’s using the same Tellme voice platform. I’m pretty sure the maps and traffic are from NavTeq. The nav engine is from Nav N Go. HMI looks very clean, especially on this wide aspect display. “Click and Flick” (or whatever it’s called) is nicely done. As mentioned by Bob, in-band modem/data over voice is used so you don’t need your 3G connection to get contents…if you can place a call, you can get data. It’s like OnStar or Sync in that regard…all thanks to Airbiquity’s aqLink.

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  9. Jim Says:

    Does anyone know how to get a map update for the TN 700?

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