Nexus One $530, or $180 with T-Mobile

We’ve been quite conservative about our Nexus One coverage here at Navigadget compared to other people. We only talked about it when we first heard of Nexus One, and then again we found out about the specs. We couldn’t skip what we just found though. We now have news from Gizmodo that nexus one will cost $530 with no contract, unlocked, from Google. And a much bearable price of $180 with a two year T-Mobile contract.

A few more facts were also revealed. T-Mobile’s plan is $80/month which gets you on the Even More plan they’ve got going. Nexus One is manufactured by HTC, not Google. We already suspected this. You can buy five Nexus One’s per Google account.

I guess this was their announcement they had scheduled for January 5th. So there, you don’t have to wait for it now.

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