Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS receiver

We’ve seen our share of solar powered GPS devices here on Navigadget - so why stop. We present you Solar powered bluetooth GPS receiver from fTech.

You might wonder what if I want to know where I am in the middle of the night? Well do not worry because just like most other GPS devices out there this one also comes with rechargeable batteries and the solar panel is just to extend the life of a single charge. They claim it can last up to 30 hours when the solar panel is activated.

Some of the other specs and features of this solar powered bluetooth GPS receiver include 51 channel MediaTek receiver, 1Hz max update frequency, -158dBm sensitivity, and 45mA power consumption.

We haven’t seen this here in the U.S. yet but if you have seen it at on online retailer re-branded under a different name do let us know.

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