Magellan car kit for iPhone

We already knew about Magellan iPod Touch car kit and said it would also work with the iPhone. Well Magellan just revealed more details about their car kit. First off, it will cost $130. This is the price of the hardware only. The GPS navigation app from Magellan ($80) is not included. However the good thing about this car kit is that you can use any of iPhone GPS apps available. And secondly it is expected to start shipping on January 7th, 2010. Worth waiting for? Maybe.

Here is what you get with Magellan’s car kit:

  • works with most cases or silicon skins
  • it has its own GPS receiver for better reception
  • carries its own amplified speaker
  • charges your iPhone
  • noise cancelling hands free speakerphone

two more pics…

3 Responses to “Magellan car kit for iPhone”

  1. Nala Says:

    такой классный

  2. Jim Says:

    Hey, cool post. Real quick I found this site that lets you check for “hard-to-find” products on Amazon, like the Ipod Touch. It’s called

  3. Billy Leasing Says:

    I love theseis, it saves having to buy a separate Sat-Nav because you can just use your Iphone.

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